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Professional World Wide Web advertising : Search Engines + Travel Directories

Complete advertising and exposure of your property across the World Wide Web. Advertise your property with Majorcanvillas.comThis is achieved via our ongoing and regular updating and review of the Majorcan Villas Setup & Configuration, via which we endevour to ensure and maintain established FIRST page entries on popular Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos & many more...

Not only that, but included in our package we also run Google Adwords, which will meaGoogle Adwordsn that your property will also benefit from this scheme.

We advertise on many Travel Directories and other popular Mallorca Holiday Resources. Essentially promoting your property to a world wide customer base, targeting the whole private / holiday accommodation market place for Majorca - Spain.

Print advertising via various outputs : magazines, advertising boards

We have ran and continue to run various print based adverts in selected magazines in the UK and some selected retail outlets.  An example of one of the magazines we have advertised with is The Lady.

We also run advertising in all the top holiday resorts across Mallorca itself via leaflet distribution across all the Tourist Information Offices, Rentacar Offices and other retail outlets

Complete Property Advertising Management Suite Control Panel

>> Property Advert Management : Login to your private online account and manage your Advert/s. You may either edit your existing advert/s, add new ones or delete them. We also offer no Maximum amount of content restriction on our adverts, you may include as much or as little information on these as you do so wish.

>> Property Statistics : You may also view the statistics for your properties advertised and see how many views these have had, check how many enquiries you have received, along with Booking information should this apply.

>> Availibility Calendar : Each of your properties will have their own Availibility calendar whereby you may allow users to check when your properties are available.

Advertise your property for rent in Majorcanvillas.comShould you not have any digital pictures available, you may also send these to us and we will scan these Free of Charge. (If you require a more custom designed Web Page, other than our existing template, then we can also provide this. This would incur extra charges, so please enquire for an accurate price).

Our advertising packages to choose from...

Flat Rate Annual Fee

We offer you the above Advertising Service at a fixed Annual Fee, whereby we take NO Commission whatsoever on any bookings you take for your property/ies via our website.

You may include all the personal details you wish on your advert/s and our Online Enquiry form found on each of your adverts which will be sent directly to your Email address for you to personally respond, therefore we are in no way involved with your Bookings / Enquiries.

Our Annual costs are as follows : 

1 Advert = 195€
2 Adverts = 295€
5 Adverts = 695€
10 Adverts = 1495€
20 Adverts = 2295€ 

Commission Based

You PAY NOTHING until we receive bookings for your property !

Advertise your property for rent with majorcanvillas.comEssentially, you keep us up to date with your property's Availibility, and we then manage ALL enquiries for you. On receiving a definitive Booking request, we then double check this with you before proceeding to Confirm the booking with the client.

Once the Booking is confirmed with yourself, we then provide the client with the details for them to make the necessary deposit payment to yourself (of the amount & via the method you select on our Sign Up form). You will also receive a copy of these details sent to the client for info.

We will then inform you once the client has actioned this, and await confirmation from yourself that this has been received, at which point we then indicate this to the client and inform them that their confirmation details will be on the way to them within a few days from the respective owner / agency ie. yourself, and we will at this point have no further direct involvement with the client.

At this stage, we would then invoice you seperately for 10% of the total rental amount, payable to ourselves as our Commission for our Advertising Services. (Therefore 10% Deposit is the minimum you may command).

Then, finally the remainder of payment will be payable directly to yourself from the customer upon arrival, or at whichever time you indicated previously on our Sign Up form.

There is NO LIMIT on the amount of properties you may advertise !!
Please note that, along with our Flate Rate Fee package, this is an ANNUAL scheme.

Please note: Should you sign up for a Commission based account, you may NOT change this to an Annual Fixed Rate Account.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before signing up

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