Majorca Nature Reserves

S'Albufera Nature Reserve

S'Albufera Nature ReserveThe s'Albufera nature reserve is the most important wetland in the Balearic Islands. 

Over 400 different species of flora exist. 

S'Albufera plays a vital role as a feeding ground and sanctuary for birds.  Over 230 Species have been sighted there, which is 80% of all birdlife known in the Balearics.

  • Area :  1,687.65 hectares
  • Location : In the North East of Majorca, between Puerto Alcudia and Can Picafort
  • Telephone : (0034) 971 892 250

How to get there : The entrance to the Reserve is 6 kilometres from the centre of Alcudia, on the road to Arta (C-712).

S'Albufereta Nature Reserve

S'Albufereta Nature ReserveS'Albufereta de Pollensa is a wetland joined to the sea by the Es Grau estuary. 

It is of major interest due to the diversity of its habitats, both natural and semi natural. 

The vegetation of S'Albufereta is typical of the wetlands of the Mediterranean shore and is especially important as the nesting ground for a number of different species.

  • Area :  211.42 hectares
  • Location : In the North of Majorca, between Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia
  • Telephone : (0034) 971 892 250

Other Info : Although S'Albufereta is a Nature Reserve, most of it is private property.  Visitors should please respect the protected area by following the main road along the coast.

The Llevant Peninsula Nature Reserve

The Llevant Peninsula Nature ReserveThe Llevant Peninsula in Majorca contains a great diversity of habitats in a relatively small area. 
The most noteworthy feature of the vegetation in the reserve is the large amount of pyrophytic flora which is adapted to withstand or regenerate after fire. 

The colonies of Mediterranean tortoises are of special interest at the Llevant Peninsula.

  • Area :  1,576 hectares
  • Location : In the North East of Majorca
  • Telephone : (0034) 971 829 219

Other Info : The Reserve covers various estates under public ownership.  Les Cases d'Aubarca has 12 beds in 6 rooms.  La Casa de'sArenalet has 18 beds.  La Caseta des Oguers can accommodate 10 people, but also has a camping area for up to 6 tents and 30 people.  Reservations can be made for the accommodation by calling the number above.  There are 6 different walks that can be taken through these public estates which take from 45 minutes to 2 hours, again please call the number for more information.

Mondrago Nature Reserve

Mondrago Nature Reserve Mondrago is on the coastal platform of the east coast of Majorca.  Most of the area is formed of marine deposits similar to those of reefs and swamps. 

The different walks signposted through the nature reserve permit observation of varying types of vegetation. 

Among the reptiles present, the Mediterranean tortoise deserves special mention as it has been reintroduced after becoming etinct in the area.

  • Area :  785 hectares, of which 95 are publicly owned and 690 hectares are in private hands.
  • Location : In the South East of Majorca, 5 kilometres from Santanyi
  • Telephone : (0034) 971 181 022

How to get there : Take the Palma to Santanyi road (PM-717).  The Reserve is clearly sign posted.

Other Info : There are two hostels, two bars and a restaurant in the Reserve.  There are 3 different sign posted paths which take fom 25 - 45 mins to complete.

The Cabrera Archipelago Maritime-Terrestrial National Park

The Cabrera Archipelago Maritime-Terrestrial National ParkLocated 10 kilometres off Cape Salinas, the Archipalego of Cabrera is in reality a southerly outcrop of the Sierra de Llevante range of mountains. 

The archipalego has typically Mediterranean vegetation with widespread maquis and pine groves. 

Cabrera is a strategic point in the migratory routes of many birds.  To date as many as 130 species have been sighted. 

The sea bed is especially importnat in Cabrera, as much for its diversity as for its productivity.  The fact that no water from the mainland reaches the area directly means that contamination of its waters is kept to a minimum.

  • Area :  Terrestrial - 1,318.3 hectares.  Maritime - 8,703.2  : Total - 10,021.5
  • Location : To the South of Majorca.  Off Cape Salinas.
  • Telephone : (0034) 630 982 363

How to get there by public transport : In tourist pleasure boats (Golondrinas).  These sale from Colonia de Sant Jordi.  Sailings are daily in summer but less frequent in winter.  To book call  (0034) 971 649 034.  From Porto Petro there are daily sailings from May 1st to September 30th to book call (0034) 971 675 012.

How to get there by your own boat : To visit the National Park in a private vessel, a permit issued by the Park administration is required.  If you wish to moor in th eharbour of Cabrera a permit issued by the Military Government is required, for further information please call (0034) 971 709 900.

Sa Dragonera Nature Reserve

Sa Dragonera Nature ReserveLying south-west to north-east, Sa Dragonera is an extension of the Serra de Tramuntana.  It has two quite different sides, it is practically inaccessible on the north-west coast with 300 metre high cliffs, whilst there are gentle slopes towards the south-east.

The most common plant group represented on the island, from sea level to the very peak of Na Popia, is the maquis of wild olive trees and spurge olives.

With regard to the bird population, the colonies of Audouin's gull are especially important, as it is one of the most threatened species in the world. Herring Gulls, cormorants and Manx shearwaters also nest on the cliffs.

The sea is particulary important in the Sa Dragonera Nature Reserve, and snorkelling or scuba diving are highly recommended.  The sea bed throughout the whole  of the protected area is home to the majority of benthonic communities found in the Mediterranean, ranging from fields of Posidonia to coralligenous areas.

  • Area :  Sa Dragonera (271.69 hectares) Sa Mitjana (0.29 hectares) Es Pantaleu (2.39 hectares) Maritime Area (634.28 hectares) Total - 908.66 hectares
  • Localtion : To the extreme south west of the Sierra Tramuntana, off the Port of Sant Elm
  • Telephone : (0034) 971 180 632

How to get there by public transport : In tourist pleasure boats (Golondrinas).  These sail fromthe Port of Sant ELm and from Puerto de Andratx.  To book call (0034) 639 617 545

How to get there by your own boat : Free permits for private visits for groups of over 10 people can be requested from the Environmental Service of Consell de Mallorca (0034) 971 173 731  Other visitors need a simple authorisation which can be obtained on arrival at the harbour of Sa Dragonera

Consell de MallorcaThe information provided within this Nature Reserve Guide is courtesy of Consell de Mallorca



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