Why advertise your villa or apartment for rent with us ?

For a cheap flat rate annual fee we will provide you with complete advertising and exposure of your property across the World Wide Web. We have no restrictions on the content you would like to place on your page, unlike other restricted services, as we believe in exposing your property to the highest level, the level of which you have complete control. Not only that but we will update this information free of charge. (We also offer a Commission Based Advertising Scheme for those who prefer to pay for our Services via Bookings received)

Why trust us ?

For Advertisers : You will be shown a preview of your advertisement before this is published on our website, and therefore before you pay any money. Please also note that we have invested a lot of time, research and money into getting this website completed and therefore allowing us to offer you a professional and efficient advertising service. From our growing number of customers you may also appreciate that since our launch we have received very positive feedback.

For Property Renters : In most cases you will be dealing with the owner of the property themselves, so once you enquire about their property you will be in direct contact with them and may then speak to them personally to arrange details. For any other properties, you will be dealing with a member of the Majorcan Villas team who will be acting on behalf of the owner of the property to organise Bookings, as in some cases these either do not have the time or simply do not speak enough English to be able to respond to emails / phone conversations correctly. Before you pay any Deposit amount you may also speak to a member of our team on the phone should you have any queries or questions before going ahead. Once a Booking is made, we then send you your Booking receipt including all the property and property owners details and contact information.

Who are we and why did we do this website ?

We are a group of people who have both lived and visited the island for many years, therefore know how beautiful it truly is and what it has to offer. We, in turn, know many people who visit the island regularly on holiday, and are constantly looking for new places to stay. On the other hand, we also knew people who had either villas or apartments for rent and thought why not unite the two. We have also dealt in property sales in Mallorca, particularly in the North of the island for many years and have vast experience in the field, as well as professionally qualified people in the field to help anyone in purchasing property in Mallorca in the most efficient and trustworthy manner.

Is there any order in which the properties for rent are listed?

The properties listed on our website are listed in Joining order, so as new customers sign up these are placed on the homepage and then progress to our subsequent property listing pages. We also have a fully integrated SEARCH Engine, offering users a personalised search facility so should a user wish to search for anything in particular, such as only apartments rather than villas, or only properties in a particular area they can do so without having to browse through all our listings.

May I advertise my property without paying up front?

I am afraid we do not offer any free trial periods for our Advertising Services as we feel this would be unfair to existing paying customers. We are aware our current customers are receiving Bookings therefore our Property Advertising Services are effective. What WE DO OFFER is a Commission Based advertising scheme whereby we manage all your enquiries and bookings for you and you pay nothing until a definite Booking comes along, upon which we charge 10% Commission for our services.

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